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Beekeeping Services

Help the Honey Bees by getting Honey Bees and an Apiary installed on your property! We install and maintain apiaries on clients properties!

langstroth hives

A client can expext to get many things from having honey bees on their property.  The first is the pollination that the honey bees obviously bring to the landscape. All of the trees, shrubs, vegetables, and fruit trees will benefit from honey bees.  Also, clients get HONEY! Honey from their flowers from their yard! On a good year an apiary can make a couple gallons of HONEY!

Honey bees are an excellent addition to any property that they are installed on.  Not only do honey bees give us honey, but they are a necessary pollinator to the majority of plants in an ecosystem. 

cave painting

Having an apiary and honey bees is an excellent opportunity for education as well.  Beeworks strives to be a resource in the community to spread the good word of native pollinators and honey bees.  Having an apiary is a great way to get people connected with the environment, nature, and educating others along the way.

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