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We are Beeworks

​After just one season of having the honey bees on his property, Dan saw the positive effects they had on the production of all the vegetation around, flowers, fruits and vegetables alike!

Dan founded Beeworks to be able to spread his knowledge and love of honey bees with others. He believes in the benefits of beekeeping, the importance of strengthening the population, and helping others learn how to enhance the productivity of their landscapes.


Dan Watkins, owner and operator

Dan is a New England native and has spent his whole life gardening, landscaping, and working in nature. After learning about the struggling honeybee population, and the many benefits honey bees have on vegetable, fruit and vegetation productivity.


Dan decided to start learning about beekeeping and discovered the importance of helping the honeybee population for the benefit of his own garden and for the ecosystem around him.


Erin Lass

Erin is a native of the Pacific Northwest, but has been living in the north east for many years now.  She has a real passion with working with nature.  She is a professional arborist, plant grower for a greenhouse, and has a real passion for all things plants. Once she was exposed to beekeeping, there was no looking back! Her vast knowledge of plants is why she is the program leader for the Pollinator Land Management division, which is an amalgamation of flowering plants and local pollinators. 

The Crew

We are a dedicated and hardworking duo. Passionate about our work and striving for professionalism in all the services we offer. We get support from our favorite four legged companions when they aren't too busy enjoying the sunshine! 

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